PJFL Board of Directors

Executive Board

PJFL President - Johnnie Hamm

Vice President of Tackle Division - Brian Bowman

Vice President of Flag Division - Maria Marion

Treasurer - Dale Hazen

Secretary - Karen Jeffries



Flag Auxillary Board

Registrant/Player Agent - Flag:  Open Position

Officiating Director - Flag:  Louis Sweeney

Coaching Director - Flag:  Open Position

Uniform Coordinator - Flag:  Sunil Hariani

Evaluations Director - Flag:  Oliver Schober

Equipment Coordinator - Flag:  Open Position

Field and Safety - Flag:  Open Position


2023 Board Meeting Dates:

Date       Time         Location

February 5       6pm      Hopyard Round Table

March  5         5:30pm   Hopyard Round Table

April 2                6pm     Hopyard Round Table

May 7                 6pm     Hopyard Round Table

June 4                6pm    Hopyard Round Table

July 9                  6pm    Hopyard Round Table

August 6             6pm   Hopyard Round Table

September 10    6pm    Hopyard Round Table

October 1            6pm    Hopyard Round Table

November 5        6pm    Hopyard Round Table

December 3        6pm    Hopyard Round Table

Tackle Auxillary Board / Volunteers

Registrar: Renee Crossley

Coaches Coordinators: Johnnie Hamm and Brian Bowman

Sponsorship Coordinator: Rob Vollgraf

Website/ Teamsnap Coordinators: Chris and Renee Crossley

Branding Coordinator (Logowear): Kristi Vollgraf

Equipment Manager: Johnnie Hamm

Volunteer Coordinator: Leanne Rosser

Social Media Coordinator: Anita Walrath

Team Parent Coordinator: Anita Walrath

Game Day Coordinator: Open Position

Field and Safety Coordinator: Open Position

Snack Bar Coordinator: Katie Harris

Special Events and Community Events Coordinator: Open Position

League Information/Marketing Officer: Open Position




Interested in Volunteering?

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